The Project

Homeni et Armi is an intellectual property and an experimental project created to give life to a series of crossmedial productions. The project is not limited to a specific “genre”, but applies the dynamics of artistic and cultural¬† productions to various sectors of digital entertainment, art and culture.

The central pivot of this project consists of the unprecedented and detailed historical reconstruction of the lives of the men-at-arms of a large mercenary army of the Italian Renaissance by a multidisciplinary team of expert game designers, writers, historians, artists, and academics.


The project intends to create a series of “multi-experiential” journeys that will (re)live the deeds of the noble Lord at the command of a 15th century free company. Also, the multifaceted stories of the Homeni d’Arme and their forgotten servants play a foundational role. These testimonies appear in the fascinating pages of the accounting books directly studied and transcribed by Age Of Games.