Historical-Ludic IP


Homeni et Armi is a new intellectual property and an experimental project conceived to give life to a series of cross-media productions that will not be strictly confined within a specific “genre”, but which will certainly draw on the dynamics of the great classical productions in various sectors of digital entertainment, art and culture.
The central pivot of this project is the unprecedented and detailed reconstruction, real and narrative, of the lives of the men-at-arms of a great mercenary army of the Italian Renaissance by a multidisciplinary team of veterans and expert game designers, writers, historians. , artists and academics.
The project intends to create a series of “multi-experiential” journeys that will revive not only the deeds of the noble Lord at the command of a varied 15th-century Company of Ventura, but also the multifaceted stories of the many Homeni d’Arme and their forgotten servants who appear in the fascinating pages of the accounting books by us (and only by us in such detailed way, worldwide) directly studied and transcribed.

The IP-Project is based on seven fundamental pillars:
• An accurate historical research, unique in the world, on unpublished sources concerning the Company of Ventura of the Renaissance leader Micheletto Attendere (Top 1% search on the Academia.edu portal: https://unisi.academia.edu/FabioBelsanti);
• The exclusive collaboration with the Collective of Narrative Designers CyberScrivens;
• A scientific committee, in the historical and literary field, of the highest profile;
• The study and reflections, carried out with academics of multiple disciplines and international professionals of the digital entertainment market, of the evolution and maturation in an “adult, artistic and cultural” form of the videogame sector that we have undertaken with the project “Videogames & High Culture” (www.videogamesandhighculture.com);
• A solid market analysis carried out in collaboration with international publishers;
• Collaboration with public and private institutions of great historical, artistic and cultural importance such as the Italian Society of Military History and Apulia Film Commission;
• The involvement, even during public events in person and online, of a wide audience of history, story and strategy enthusiasts throughout the development process of the various forms of the project.

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